Ma and Pa Resources

The Ma and Pa Hands-On Training. Click this photo to see more!


Ma and Pa General Information

We thank all those who are planning on being Ma’s and Pa’s for the upcoming Fruit Heights, Utah Stake Trek.  In order to help you better prepare for the Trek, here are some tools to assist you in becoming great Ma’s and Pa’s:

Ma and Pa Hands-On Training Highlights

Qualifications for a Ma and Pa

The Role of a Ma and Pa on Trek

Trek Rules for Ma’s and Pa’s

Ma and Pa Family Equipment List (Updated 5/31/2016)

5 Simple Getting-To-Know-You Games for Trek 

Trek Activities and Games Zip File

The trek training video “A Taste of Trek” shown at the first Ma and Pa training:

Water Bottle Holder for Handcart

If you would like to make a water bottle holder for your handcart like the picture below you can download a pattern for it HERE.

PIC-2015-08-22 (2)b