How to Prepare

What can I do now to prepare for Trek?

handcart1The pioneers planned and prepared extensively before they began their journey. Similarly, all trek participants should prepare physically and spiritually before the event. The trek will require physical, emotional and spiritual stamina; therefore each participate should seriously prepare for the trek. Here are some great suggestions:

WATCH – A good place to start your pioneer trek preparation is to watch three training videos the Church has produced to help you get ready for trek. You can find them at the following link:  Trek Training VideosNew Picture (1)

WALK – We suggest that you begin walking 3 times a week, at least 1-2 miles each time. As your cardiovascular endurance increases, it would be ideal to increase your time and distance. Over the next several months work towards walking 3-5 miles at one time, at least once during the week. Grab a friend and take a walk, jog or hike or participate in a sport.walk2

FIND PIONEER CLOTHING – We encourage everyone who goes on trek to wear pioneer style clothing, but we don’t want it to be a burden. There are many resources to make this requirement achievable. Now is the time to begin your search for the clothing you will need. For more details about clothing requirements plus some great ideas and resources for pioneer clothing, visit our Clothing web page.IMG_4324b

TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEET – Wearing the wrong shoes on the trek will rub you wrong and that means foot pain and blisters.  Hiking boots will work but running shoes seem to work best. The most important thing is to break your shoes in before trek. When you do your practice walks and hikes mentioned above, wear the actual shoes you plan to wear on trek. It’s better to find out now if they will work for you than on trek.Blister

HYDRATE – As trek gets closer increase your daily water intake and perhaps eliminate soda from your diet.water3


LEARN ABOUT THE PIONEERS – Make your pioneer trek more meaningful by learning about the Mormon Pioneers. Why did they leave their homes? What did they hope for? What challenges did they face? How do their experiences encourage you? Go to our Pioneer Stories web page to get started. south-pass-pioneers2x

STRIVE TO LIVE A CHRIST-LIKE LIFE – To get the most out of trek you need to have the Spirit with you. What better way than to strive to be like Christ in all you do.savior-soft_edges2

ATTEND CHURCH – Kind of a no-brainer but attending church is great spiritual

PRAY DAILY – Keep up your daily prayers or begin daily prayer if you have been neglecting them. Talk to God. Seek His guidance, help and counsel.young-woman-praying-940299-gallery

STUDY THE SCRIPTURES – Perhaps re-read the scriptural passages that deal with the various “exodus” experiences in the history of God’s people from the Bible, Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine and Covenants.scripture-study-428836-gallery