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Bishop Mark Andrus - Trek 2008

Bishop Mark Andrus – Trek 2008


This page is meant to be a resource for bishops in our stake regarding trek. Hopefully it will answer some of the questions you may have.

What is my role as bishop on trek?

Bishops can play an important role in the lives of the youth of their wards and the Stake Pioneer Trek can provide a special environment where bishops can interact with and influence their youth. We encourage all bishops to participate in trek, to walk with the youth, to help push handcarts, and to help and influence your youth where needed.

Can I come for just part of the trek?

Yes. However, if you are not coming for the entire trek you must make arrangements with us to be met at the ranch gate and be escorted to where the stake is camped or located. We need to know the date and time you will be at the ranch gate. Only bishops and members of the stake presidency are allowed this freedom because of the obvious logistics complications. This freedom is not intended for the bishops to escort youth or others back and forth to trek. Everyone else needs to commit to the entire time of trek. This is a rule set by the DL&L Ranch.

How do I get to the trek site?

If you are going for the entire trek, you and your gear will be transported like everyone else. If you drive on your own, we are trekking at the Deseret Land and Livestock Ranch located just 10 miles before Evanston, Wyoming off of interstate 80. Take the Wahsatch exit #191 and proceed West under the freeway, then turn to your right several hundred yards, then left across the railroad tracks to the ranch gate. If you made proper arrangements you will be met by a set of senior missionaries who will let you through the gate and escort you to our camp location. You will not be allowed to drive your personal vehicle to the campsite so make sure you only pack what’s on the list.

Will I be assigned to a specific handcart family?

Bishops will not be assigned to a specific trek family and will be free to roam among the youth as they see fit.

What do I pack and how?

All participants on trek have the same packing list found on this website on the Packing List page. You will be issued a bucket along with the youth and other adult leaders to pack your gear. Buckets will be distributed to your ward representatives on June 8th.

Where will my gear/bucket be stored during trek?

You will have three options. One: If you will be walking with the handcarts and would like your bucket handy, you can kindly ask a trek family if they can carry your gear on their handcart. You could switch families each day. Two: You may be able to store your gear in one of the three vehicles that will be following the handcarts – two trucks pulling port-a-johns and one truck pulling the water buffalo. Three: You can keep your bucket with the stake equipment trailers and have access to it when we get to camp.

What will my sleeping arrangements be?

We have asked all stake support staff and bishops to arrange their own sleeping arrangements. Most will pack a small personal tent in the equipment trailers the night before trek when we load up. We will not sleep in the areas where the handcarts will be camped but will be near the support vehicles. We aren’t planning any large communal type sleeping tents. Sorry, no RVs.

We hope we have answered most of your questions. If you have any other questions please contact the trail bosses who will be happy to answer them if they can.